My thrifty “weed”

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In the corner of my back yard I saw this plant that I thought was a weed.  But I was very curious what it was, so I did not pull it and decided to let it  grow.  Well  it grew and grew and grew to be over 8 ft tall.  By this time I was a little embarrassed to have this HUGE “weed” in my back yard.
Its leaves were bigger than Matts hands and it looked like it should be on an Island not in Idaho.  Well out of the blue one morning the kids came running in the house and said look at the pretty flowers.  Sure enough these HUGE beautiful flowers were all over our “weed”  they have been blooming for the last few weeks and I LOVE them.IMG_1330

Just so you know I don’t normal let random weeds grow in my yard….and get 8ft tall.  I do not want you getting the wrong idea.  This one just caught my eye and I wanted to see what it would grow  in to.  I am sure some one knows what this plant is….but I don’t.  I will just call it my thrifty weed.

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