Nascar fans, start your engine


You or your husband a Nascar fan. This toolbar will give you live race stats, and most importantly will enter you for a chance to win $100,000!

Now I know what you are thinking…..why take the time to enter, I will never win.  I use to think that same way till a few years ago when I watched a news report on this lady that had won million of dollars in FREEBIES.  Her advice was just take the time to enter, someone has to win, if you do it long enough some day you will win.   SO I thought I would give it a try, now when I see a contest or a giveaway I take a few minuets and fill out the entry form.   Last year I won a trip to Texas for 2, A flat screen TV and a Wii.  Now I am hooked, yes most things I do not win, but every now and then I do…….and it sure it fun!

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