Need help – What would you do?

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One of our readers emailed this to us. What would you do?

I have a close friend that I turned on to couponing a few months ago. There have been a few times that she has had the “clear the shelves” mentality or a snippy/rude cashier. When that happens she takes the attitude that she is always right and she has the right to coupon so there is no reason to question her. When she tells me about these instances I try to play the devil’s advocate to give her another perspective as to why someone may have been questioning her. I have been a retail cashier before (and a pageant girl, which I think really does help when dealing with people) so I can empathize with other cashiers. I have tried to help her understand that if you want to buy ALOT of a product to wait until the last day of the promotion to see how much is left and give others a chance, and even then the store still has the right to limit you if they feel you are being excessive. She has started to pass on some of her bad habits to other people. At the same time I realize that everyone has to have their OWN “epiphany” moment (I can’t MAKE her have it) when they realize that if you miss a deal, oh well. Or that someone may be rude, but you don’t need to be rude back. Or that a store may decide not to honor a coupon, but it isn’t the end of the world and no need to make a fuss.

I don’t really want to just call her out on it and have her think I’m judging her. So is the best way to handle this to just keep leading by example of being nice and sticking to limits myself? I just don’t want my couponing ability to be hurt at some great places because of other peoples’ poor decisions.
I remember my epiphany moment, a few months back I was checking out at a grocery store and found out that the coupon policy had changed(because of people who were clearing the shelves!)! I am a person that plans my purchases to a T so I know what I am spending. That new information frazzled me and then I had to reorganize my purchase. The cashier and I both misunderstood what each of us were saying so I became rude with her. I decided to scrap the purchase until I got the right information. So I went outside, took a moment to calm down and then went back in to the service desk to ask them what was up with the policy change. Once I realized that it was all a misunderstanding I got my purchase back together and got back in the same line. I wanted to make sure that I apologized to the cashier for my actions and attitude.
Since then I have loosened up, always stayed calm and made sure that I have thanked a cashier EVERY time, no matter what their attitude. Who knows it may have been someone else that upset them and maybe they just need someone to give them a smile and a “have a nice day”! I have come to realize too that alot of cashiers don’t coupon themselves, so I usually give them a website or two to check out. I also am writing a letter to my favorite stores to thank them for being so coupon friendly and for being such great sports when I do run into a problem. I really don’t think they hear it enough that their work helps me help my family for a great price!

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