New Coupons ~ Save $2 On Milk, Fruit Or Yogurt When You Buy Cereal

mini wheats crunch cereal

New coupons just came out to help you save money on yogurt, fruit or milk when you buy cereal.

Mini Wheat Crunch – $2.98 (Walmart)


$2.00 off YOGURT and any THREE Kellogg's Cereals

$2.00 off MILK and any THREE Kellogg's Cereals

$2.00 off FRUIT and any THREE Kellogg's Cereals


  1. Yep, everything is getting more & more expensive every time you go to the grocery store. 🙁

  2. Not much of a savings, considering you just had to buy 3 boxes in order to get $2 off last week. (Erg! Everything’s getting more expensive these days.)

  3. Misusing it in what way? I don’t understand. As long as you buy (3) boxes of participating cereal, there are no size restrictions or amounts of fruit, yogurt or milk to adhere to.

  4. Just click on the coupon, click ‘clip’ & print. There is nothing to download. 🙂

  5. So im curious as to how I actually print these coupons do I have to download first??

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