New recommended food portions

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Have you seen the new recommended guide lines for portions? website has the complete details on the new replacement to the food pyramid that many of us have grown to learn back in school. Personally I think this version is a more realistic approach to visually learning the way a plate should look. It seems like the new generations are all visually stimulated, so this is an excellent way to get the image engraved in to our heads.

And with great sources to fill your plate like the excellent food from folks like Green Giant, there isn’t an easier way to get healthy produce to fill the largest portion on your plates. Did you know that Green Giant frozen food process actually preserves more nutrients, vitamins and minerals in frozen food then the “raw” or “fresh” vegetables in the grocery department. Yep it’s not a myth! It is true! Click the image below and look for it at the bottom of the Green Giant website to read from independent studies of the health benefits of frozen Green Giant vegetables:

Look for this image at bottom of Green Giants website here


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