Ninjago Movie LEGOs

Ninjago Movie LEGOs

Who’s excited for the new LEGO movie? My kids are! Here’s some fun Ninjago Movie LEGOs. Perfect for Christmas gifts.

Ninjago Movie LEGOsLEGO Ninjago Movie Fire Mech 70615 Building Kit (944 Piece)

  • Fire Mech features an opening minifigure cockpit, posable arms and legs, 2 non-shooting fire blasters with translucent fire-style elements, 2 shoulder disc shooters, 2 fire tanks and 2 flags
  • Includes 6 minifigures: Kai, Zane, Lauren, Henry, Hammer Head and Jelly
  • Weapons include Kai’s 2 katanas, Zane’s bow and arrow, Hammer Head’s fish hammer and Jelly’s fish-zooka
  • Accessory elements include an ice cream cone and popsicle
  • Fire Mech measures over 14in (36cm) high, 4in (11cm) long and 8in (21cm) wide

Ninjago Movie LEGOsLEGO Ninjago Movie Green Ninja Mech Dragon 70612 Building Kit (544 Piece)

  • Green Ninja Mech Dragon features minifigure cockpit, articulated snapping jaws, posable body, wheel-activated swooshing tail with spikes, 2 leg-mounted stud shooters, 2 pop-out thrusters in front legs
  • Includes 4 minifigures: The Green Ninja, Wu, Garmadon and Charlie
  • Weapons include The Green Ninja’s tasseled sword, Wu’s staff, Garmadon’s laser-style pointer and 2 katanas, and Charlie’s fish spear
  • Recreate and role-play exciting THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE scenes
  • Green Ninja Mech Dragon measures over 5in (13cm) high, 23in (60cm) long and 4in (12cm) wide

Ninjago Movie LEGOsLEGO Ninjago Movie Water Strider 70611 Building Kit (494 Piece)

  • The Water Strider mech features a 360-degree rotating and opening minifigure cockpit, 6-stud rapid shooter, 4 posable legs with hover-pad-style feet, and 3 translucent-blue flags
  • Includes 4 minifigures: Nya, Kai, Puffer and Shark Army Thug
  • Weapons include Nya’s tasseled spear, Kai’s 2 swords, Puffer’s fish mace and Shark Army Thug’s spiked fish dagger
  • Recreate and role-play exciting THE LEGO NINJAGO MOVIE scenes
  • Water Strider measures over 7in (18cm) high, 11in (30cm) long and 11in (30cm) wide

Ninjago Movie LEGOsLEGO Ninjago Movie Lightning Jet 70614 Building Kit (876 Piece)

  • Lightning Jet features a handle for easy play, opening cockpit, spring-loaded shooter, trigger-activated rotating electro-disc, adjustable wings and lots of antennae
  • Includes 6 minifigures: Jay, Ed, Edna, Crusty, Jelly and Shark Army Thug
  • Weapons include Jay’s spiked flail, Crusty’s fish chainsaw, Jelly’s stud-shooter and fish with extra studs, and Shark Army Thug’s fish hammer
  • Lightning Jet measures over 7in (20cm) high, 17in (44cm) long and 11in (30cm) wide
  • Crab measures over 2in (6cm) high, 3in (9cm) long and 4in (12cm) wide

Ninjago Movie LEGOsLEGO Ninjago Movie City Chase 70607 Building Kit (233 Piece)

  • Police tuc-tuc vehicle features a driver seat and rear passenger seat for minifigures, 3 wheels and translucent-blue and red police light-style elements
  • Includes 5 minifigures: Lloyd Garmadon and Nya (each with new-for-August-2017 high school outfit decoration), Officer Toque, Shark Army Thug and Ham
  • Street food stall features a stall sign, red awning, fish and cherries for-sale signs, 2 crates and a half-barrel containing assorted elements including 3 cherries, 3 apples and 2 fish
  • Also includes 2 lampposts with translucent decorative elements plus a connecting chain of festive NINJAGO lanterns with translucent-red light-style elements
  • Police tuc-tuc measures over 2in (7cm) high, 2in (7cm) long and 1in (3cm) wide, Street food stall measures over 4in (11cm) high, 3in (9cm) wide and 1in (3cm) deep

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