No coupon inserts this Sunday 5/29

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Yes it is a little sad but true, there will be NO COUPONS in this Sundays paper.  Why?  Well often on holiday weekends there are not any coupons, this weekend happens to be Memorial Day.  So catch up on your clipping from last week, or just take the week off and enjoy a coupon free weekend.

BUT if you buy the paper only for coupons you may think about putting your subscription on a vacation hold…..BUT if you shop at Albertsons the is suppose to be Twice the Value coupons (doublers) coming this Sunday.  So I personally am NOT stopping mine.  Many Albertsons have recently made changes and will no longer give you doublers to use in the store or give you only 3 sets per day.  So it is rather important to bring your own to grab the best coupon deals.  You get your own by buying the Sunday Paper, you will pay $1-$2 per Sunday paper if you buy them at the store.  Or you can get them low as $.28 each if you buy the A Thrifty Mom paper deal.

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