One Million Visitors to our site!!!!!

Update:  ( from one of my wonderful readers) My mother suddenly died last year. She was only 46. She was a wonderful single mother who cared so much for us and things were so rough financialy growing up. I love what you are doing and some of these stories truly touched my heart. I would love to donate to your cause in the name of my mother Karen. I’m offering another $100.00.

UPDATE: Matt’s Mom just donated another $100 bucks to giveaway to another winner! Thanks Mom! Now we have $200 bucks to giveaway to 2 readers each will receive $100helping hands

Late last night we reached over one million visitors to our site.  When I started this little blog 8 months ago, I would never dreamed of how fast it has grown.  I am honored that so many of you take the time to read my blog, misspelled words and all.  As we reach this milestone, I hope that you have all  realize the importance of saving money.  I  really enjoy passing along thrifty deals.  But more importantly I hope  you have learned how important giving back is to our family.

When my son was in the hospital having his 14 heart surgery’s, some days I felt as if the burden I was asked to endure was too great.  It was the random acts of kindness from other heart moms, friends and family that got me thru that time in my life.  We were in Phoenix and we were given a small truck to drive around instead of having to rent one. We were given baskets of food to help counter the high cost of eating out while away from home. Our family let us use a cell phone that way we could call home and not have to pay high priced calls.

Before that, I had enjoyed helping others.  But I now know the huge impact a simple act of kindness can have on another persons life.  I have promised myself that I will not only teach my children the joy of serving others, but try to give back in every way I can.

I hope my children will learn the things that really matter in life.  Money may bring tempary happyiness, and the things it can buy.  But true happiness comes from within, your realationships with others.  It comes from looking beyond yourself and giving back!

Now here is the fun part, Matt and I have decided that we would like to give one of our readers a $100 cash.….Yes a $100.  I have to admit I thought  Matt was crazy when he came up with this idea.  Everyone is welcome to enter, all you have to do is leave (1) comment telling us what you would do with $100 dollars and  how you could impact the life of others around you. This is not what you are going to buy your kids, or how many groceries you are going to buy to put in your fridge.

Come up with ways you can pass along good acts of kidness. The person who can help the most people, or makes the money go the furthest will win.

We would also like to have video, or photos passed back to us, so that the rest of us can see just how it impacted your life.

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