Oscar Mayer Good Mood Mission


Oscar Mayer’s Good Mood Mission

Want to give back?  But don’t know how? Oscar Mayer is donating food to Feeding America. They have already donated 1,000,000 pounds of food and their goal is 2,000,000. For each “good mood” added to their site, Oscar Meyer will donate 1 pound of Food.

You’ll need to finish the following sentence: “It doesn’t get better than _____________________.” Then you’ll enter your name and submit. That’s all it takes! 1 pound of food donated! Next, you can tell a few friends via email. If you choose to tell a few friends, Oscar Mayer will donate another 5 pounds! THEN….if you choose to become their fan on Facebook, Oscar Mayer will donate another 10 pounds of food! That’s 16 pounds of food!

Thanks Free Sample Freek for passing this along!


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