Over $5 in Hormel coupons

Hormel logo

Hormel has some great new coupons, here is a link to print yours

  • Save $.55 On One (1) Pkg HORMEL® NATURAL CHOICE® Deli Sandwich Meat
  • Save $.55 On One (1) Pkg HORMEL® Pepperoni
  • Save $1.00 On any One (1) Pkg HORMEL® Microwave Ready Bacon
  • Save $1.00 On any One (1) Pkg HORMEL® Party Tray *Great for July 4th!
  • Save $2.00 On One (1) Pkg HORMEL® Refrigerated Entrée

Here are a few of the Party Trays they offer…  Just in time for the 4th of July Weekend party

  • Hormel® stars and strips party tray –Delicious meats and star-shaped cheese arranged in the shape of the American flag; the perfect patriotic treat.
  • Hormel® BBQ meatballs and BBQ smokies party tray – A classic party favorite with a twist –oven-roasted meatballs and BBQ smokies.
  • Hormel® BBQ meatballs and buffalo wings party tray – Flame-seared buffalo wings and oven-roasted meatballs.
  • Hormel® sandwich party tray –Delicious ham, turkey and cheese ready-made for sandwiches.
  • Hormel® supreme party tray –Pepperoni, hard salami and olives jazz up this traditional meat and cheese plate.

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