Pizza and Soda THRIFTY deal at Albertsons

You can get 2 pizza’s and 2 soda’s for $4.29

This week at Albertsons they have a “Super Party Savings” deal. ?You buy one pizza for $6.29 and you get another pizza for free + 2 2liter Dr. Peppers for free. ?Yes you get all 4 items for $6.29. BUT you can use 2 one dollar off coupons on the pizza, and take an additional $2 dollars off?click link here
?to print coupons. Which means you get all four items for?$4.29 cents.??Keep reading and I will tell you how I got it for only .29 cents

This week at Walgreens with the Colgate sale I got several $2.00 register rewards or catalina coupons. ?Which are the coupons that print at the end of a purchase good for your next shopping trip. ?They ring up as a MFR or manufacturer coupon and can be used at Albertsons. ?So with this purchase I used $4 in register rewards and, I only had to pay .29 cents + tax ?now that is a?