Purposeful Valentines Day Gifts

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Its Matt – Its not too late to get this either for your self or tell your spouse to get with it!

Sarah has always been very thrifty. Even on special occasions. I remember when we first got married and I bought her a dozen long stem roses on Valentines Day. She said thanks, but later made it very clear that she doesn’t like getting flowers or jewelry or candy as gifts. Only because she feels its a wasted effort. She would rather spend that money on something that is useful. So the next holiday after that I bought a vacuum and she thoroughly enjoyed that gift… go figure 😉

So for all of you that are in need of thrifty, purposeful, and thoughtful gifts, get them what I got Sarah last Valentines Day. A subscription for coupon inserts.

Idaho Press Tribune- For only $12 per month, couponers will receive 5 Sunday papers and a daily paper on Monday through Saturday. For $13.50, subscribers will receive 6 Sunday papers and a daily paper on Monday through Saturday. Read more here. Or to sign up call Greg Roesberry at 870-2784. Tell him you want the “A Thrifty Mom” special!


StatesmanThe Idaho Statesman$3 per week. One daily newspaper, plus 4 more Sunday newspapers. Total of 5 Sunday papers. Read more here or to sign up call 377-NEWS (6397) and ask for the “A Thrifty Mom” special. We suggest locking in the 52 week special, so it doesn’t go up during your term.

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