Q&A: How many diapers to buy?

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Question from one of my readers

I am looking to stock my brother and his wife really up on diapers before their baby is due in March. Beings you just had little Maveric recently, I was hoping you could give me an idea of how much you stock up in each size for one baby. I had twins, and it was several years ago, so I forgot how fast they go through each size, and about how fast they go through a pack of diapers, and how much only one baby would go through! LOL Since you are the queen of stocking up, I thought of you to help me make a plan for helping them out! Thank you for all your hard work on the site (you too Matt!) and all the great deals you help us all get! Also, I have seen a lot better deals on diapers than wipes except for that one really good $2 Pampers coupon of course we’ll never see again! What is your stock up price on wipes? Is that wipes deal next week at Rite Aid any good, or just okay? I really appreciate any help you can give me to help them get off on the right foot!

Well I have to say this is a  hard question, and I am not sure if I have the right answer.  There are so many variables, depending on who changes the baby and how big they are.  For example I thought I stocked up ok for Maveric, but who new the little chubbers was going to be busting out of size 1 in less than a month.  He is currently wearing a size 3 (only 5 months old)  the same size his 3 year old sister fits in (she is a tiny little thing).

Brand also seems to play a large role in size.  I find most store brands are less “stretchy” and a little smaller.  Where Huggies or Pampers, cost more (unless you use coupons) but seem to be a bit bigger and fit better.

When I had my first baby I was so excited to change his diaper and I seemed to go thru more diapers than needed.  He would be wet so I would change him…then within seconds he would pee  or poop again.  I soon learned to open his wet diaper (not taking it all the way off), wipe him with a baby wipe. Strap the diaper up…sure enough he would pee again.  I then wipe him again, and put a new clean diaper on, which stays dry longer.

Remember the post I did here, How many wipes does it take to change a baby?  Well it really depends on who is doing it.

When babys are little you seem to go thru alot more diapers.  But as they get older the number goes down a lot. Right now I use anywhere from 5-10 diapers a day on average.  Normally closer to the 5-6 range.  When I stocked up for the birth of  Maveric I went ahead and bought 8 packs of size one ( which was way to many for his chubby bottom).  It was fine I just gave the unused packs away as Baby Shower Gifts to Friends.

My stock up price for Wipes is $1 or less, I seem to be able to find them at that price every 3 months or so.

So I am now asking my readers the same question, how many diapers do you by….and at what price  do you stock up?

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