Reader found Safeway deals

One of our very first readers found this deal at her local Safeway Looks pretty good!

Thought I’d share with you all about a deal I got this morning. 

Safeway has a mix & match deal going on right now where if you buy any 10 participating items at once, you get an automatic $5 off. Bertolli sauces are on the list. After the $5 off, they are $1.50 per pouch. Right next to the sauces, there is a little blinkie machine that spits out coupons ($1 off 1 pouch). So, after coupons, you should pay $5. A $2 catalina (‘money’ you can use on your next Safeway purchase) spits for every 2 pouches you buy.

My specific deal … I bought 10 pouches with 10 coupons. Total is $5. Then I got 5 $2 catalinas for a total of $10. This makes this deal a money maker! 🙂 Not sure how long the catalina deal lasts, but Safeway’s sale is good until Tue. (3/31). Just thought I should pass on this great deal (especially since you don’t need a ‘stash’ of coupons to do it)!
p.p.s. — you don’t have to buy 10 sauces … just make sure they are in groups of 2 and add other items in the mix & match so you have 10 items.

Del Monte fruit cups (in the refrigerated section). If you have the coupons for this ($1 off 1 and $2 off 4). These are also on the mix & match ($.75 each after $5 off). I bought 10. The total would have been $7.50. Minus the $6 in coupons I used (2 $2 and 2 $1) … OOP (out of pocket) cost was $1.50 for 10. PLUS my cashier doubled them (that’s $2 off) … so I got mine for FREE (plus $.50 overage). However, even at $1.50 for 10, that makes them $.15 per cup!

Thanks Jeanette

Also Christina found this to go with it:
Here is a Ronzoni deal I came across yesterday and did it again today. Safeway buy 10 you get them for $.75 each. There is a blinkie coupon right by it for $.50 off per box, so it makes the 10 pasta’s $.25 each for a total of $2.50. I had a $2.00 Catalina making it $.50 for 10 boxes. These would be great to go along with the Bertoli Sauce.

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