Ridley’s announces an additional savings coupon event

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Ridley’s has posted on their Facebook page that there will be doubles tomorrow!

We will have a list of the sale items matched with coupons in the morning!

Please pay attention to the rules of this event. They have had many issues with consumer frustration so haven’t had one since JUNE.

  • a $.25 MQ coupon will double to $.50
  • a $.50 MQ coupon will double to $1.00
  • a $.75 MQ coupon will ‘double’ to $1.00
  • NO coupon will exceed the value of a $1.00 so while this is not a ‘true’ double it is a additional savings event. I for one am super excited about it!

Happy Labor Day everyone. Let’s celebrate by having a double coupon day at all Ridley’s stores tomorrow. If you haven’t taken part in our double coupon days before, please read the details and questions on our discussions page. We double up to a maximum total amount of $1. In other words .25 coupons will be worth .50, .50 worth $1, .75 worth $1 and anything over $1 is not doubled or rounded up. Have fun everyone with another Ridley’s double coupon day!


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