Rite Aid and rainchecks

rite aid logoOne of our readers Karen, had a question this past 4th of July. She sent us a series of emails and found out some great news about Rite Aids raincheck/Up rewards. Here is is the raincheck scenario:

I went to the store tonight to get the 28 Count Whitestrips that are on sale for $28.99 (I think, but I don’t have the flyer in front of me now) and you get back $10 in UP Rewards and then I also have a $10 off coupon. They were out of stock. I asked if they would issue a raincheck and still honor the $10 UP Rewards — the cashier did not know. She checked with the manager and he also told me he did not know how to address that question. So they did not give me a raincheck.

So later she contacted Rite Aid customer service and this is what she was told:

I contacted corporate office and was told that if the situation occurs again, I should instruct the manager to issue the raincheck as normal, but to mark on the receipt the amount up UP rewards to be deducted — then when the raincheck is redeemed, the purchase price at that time will be the sale price minus the UP rewards, since they can’t issue the UP rewards at a later time.

I just wanted to let you know in case the question comes up again.


Thanks Karen for working so hard to come to the bottom of this question.

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