Share your Thrifty Christmas Ideas….chance to win a $100.00 gift card


Growing up Christmas was my FAVORITE holiday,  of course I loved the magic of Santa, the snow, the Christmas songs and getting presents.  But my parents made sure we always remembered the true reason we celebrate, the birth of Christ.  They would try hard every year to make sure we felt the spirit of giving.  We normally had a rather modest Christmas, often  our gifts were homemade, 2nd hand or a lower dollar amount than most families would spend. Christmas was not about what you “got” but what you gave, and sharing your love.   Christmas was always  warm, loving, and HAPPY…. the best day of the year.

In an effort to see how blessed we were, my parents would normally pick a family in need.  We would then give them part of our Christmas, each year we would do it a little different.  But it became something we LOVED, and I grew to understand the joy of giving.  We still laugh about almost getting caught as we dropped off care packages, in the cold of night, or hiding in the bushes till our neighbors went back inside.

Now that I have my own family I realize the reason I love Christmas is the way it makes me feel inside, the family traditions, the music, the tree, trying to not get caught being a secret santa, the excitement in my children’s eyes as they see the pretty lights.    Christmas just makes me HAPPY.  Every family does it a little different so I want to hear what makes it special for you or how you make Christmas thrifty?

So do you want a chance to win a $100.00 Gift Card? We want to see our readers “ Thrifty Christmas ideas”.  Submit your ideas, it can be a post, video, photos…..anything Christmas related.  How do you make Christmas Thrifty??? Decorations, craft ideas, treats,  family traditions, gift ideas, silly stories,  how you came to understand the Joy of  giving, Neighbor gift ideas, …you get the idea.

Email us your ideas, videos, posts, or simply leave a comment on this post. We love photos, so add those too if you  have them. Our top 3 ideas will be selected and our readers will pick the $100.00 winner!  Hurry get your ideas in, and maybe you will win!!!

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