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simple-green1-145x300Shondra sent us this post on a giveaway she is running at her website Growing Up Green:

I’ve been using my 2 oz sample for over a month now.  Because the solution is concentrated, I add water to the solution to make it last longer.

Simple Green is concentrated, non-toxic, and biodegradable.  These traits make it family-friendly and a great alternative to those harsher chemical cleaners that need to be locked up and kept away from children.


The awesome people at Simple Green have offered to provide one of you with 67 oz of Simple Green concentrate, along with a dilution bottle.  You will receive plenty of instructions on how to dilute the cleaner for different cleaning situations in order to make the most of the product.

67 oz of Simple Green is a lot!  It should last you for quite a while. My husband says that 67 oz is enough for you to give 2 oz to everyone on your block and you all could be cleaning for 2 months.  🙂

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