Dental Mouth Openers Game

Say it with a smile -Dental Mouth Guard Openers Game (Free Printable)


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Say it with a smile –Dental Mouth Guard Openers Game

If you like to laugh till your side hurts. You are going to love this silly game!  You need at least 2 people to play but best with at least 4 people. The object of the game is the get your team or other people playing to figure out what you are saying. You have 60 seconds to figure out what they are saying.  Put the Dental Mouth Guard Opener in your mouth, pick a word phrase out of the bowl and try to say it clear enough for your teammate or other players to understand.  You have 60 seconds  to try and earn your point.

Watch us play the game for the first time

Say it with a smile game free printable

Say it with a Smile Game – Free Printable Word List


dental mouth openers

 What you need to play this game:

Order here –> Dental Mouth Guard Openers (click the link to find them low as 50 cents each)

Box of Kleenex  -because you are going to drool while trying to talk

Chap stick – to keep your lips from cracking

One minute timer or stopwatch – to track your 60 second rounds

Say it with a Smile Game – Free Printable Word List – cut them up in strips


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Say it with a smile game free printable, dental expanders mouth game, mouth opener silly game to play with groups or family reunions

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