Saint Patrick’s day

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Rainbow Goody Bags, Made From a Coffee Filter!

Here is a great last minute goody bag idea.  This would be great for classroom handouts for Saint Patrick’s Day, a child’s birthday party or any event that rainbow goody bags would liven the day!

You will need

Coffee filters

Markers (not Sharpie or permanent)

Squirt bottle of water

Something to set the coffee filter on to protect your table top

Candy for the inside

Twine, string or ribbon to tie bag shut

Color in sections of your coffee filters.  Doesn’t have to be super clean or perfectly colored, the water will help hide all of that.  If you are doing rainbow colors you will want to go in rainbow order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)  I left out indigo, I didn’t have one that color.

Once you color in sections and your coffee filter is covered in marker, take your water bottle and lightly mist the coffee filter.  Be sure there is something under your coffee filter so that there is no marker or water on your table top.

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The water will help the marker to run and the colors will mix on the edges.  It will also help the colors smooth out hiding all of your marker lines.  Turns out really lovely!

Let it set out and dry.  Once it is completely dry you can wrap a couple of wrapped candies in the middle and tie it with a small string.

I would be sure that the candy is wrapped.  I am sure if you use nontoxic markers you would be completely safe, but just to be on the safe side, I recommend sticking with candies in wrappers.  For Saint Patrick’s day I put some Andes mints inside.  Some gold coin chocolates, or skittles would also be great!

rainbow goody bags made from coffee filter, #saintpatricksday, #stpaddysday, #rainbow, #partyfavors,#rainbowgift, #rainbowsnack, #stpatricksdaygoodybags, #stpatricksdaysnack, #holiday,#thriftysnackideas, #thriftypartyfavors

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