Target Coupon Matchups 6/30-7/6 ~ Febreze, Strawberries, Up & Up pain reliever, Turkey Hill Iced Tea and more

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Please note that Target prices will vary from store to store.

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Remember that you can stack a Target Cartwheel coupon AND a Target coupon with a manufacturer coupon.


  1. The stick and refresh were part of the five items you could choose from, so I used 2 (buy 1 get 1 ) and $1 off on the other one.

  2. No I couldn’t find any in the paper for target day, but I did use the coupons I listed and I ended up paying $7 for the 5 items and also got the coupon. Not as good as the savings listed above, but not too bad 🙂

    • I think that was good! that makes them $1.40 each and you have $5 to ‘roll’ into another sale and reduce your out of pocket on that one. If you do it on another transaction where you get another $5 gift card it would be SWEET! LoL

  3. Now if I have 3($1 off) Febreeze Products and 2 (buy 1 get one Febreeze Air Effects get febreeze stick &refresh ) How much would the final cost be if I were to buy 5 to get the gift card?

    • Assuming the Febreeze stick and refresh are also $2.99, your out of pocket would be $11.95. However you would be getting 5 febreeze spray and 2 stick and refresh and get back $5 on your purchase. Making your out of pocket purchase $1.70 each for the 7 products.
      If you turned around and did the same transaction again and used your gift card, your out of pocket would be just $6.95, get back a $5 gift card and you would then have 7 products again (making them $.99 each).
      When you left you would have paid $1.35 for each of your 14 items in your bag. and you still have a $5 gift card. Which I have not factored into my price per item.

      Does anyone else know how much the stick & fresh are? I do hope that helps.

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