Target: Free Fancy Feast Cat Appetizers

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Use the buy one get one free  Target coupon (2 oz) coupon here for Fancy Feast Cat Appetizers.  Stack that with the buy one get one free manufacturer coupon form the Red Plum Inserts ( 8/9 or 9/13)  use both coupons and you will get 2 for FREE.

Some stores may give you a hard time about using a buy one get one free coupon with a buy one get one free sale, so it really depends on your cashier.  The Manufacturer coupon IS paying for one, and giving you one free… the store IS getting paid for the one with the coupon. The store is giving you the other one free for paying for the one with the coupon.  Remember that a coupon is just like a check from the manufacturer saying we will pay you the full price for this item when you submit it.  No one gives you a hard time paying for things with a check, acting like you are stealing from the store…..isn’t a coupon the same thing, a promise of payment at a later date?  That is just my thoughts of this issue….good luck!

Thanks Hip2Save