Target tip from Reader

This is an email from one of my readers…..Thanks for the tip!

Here is the link to the post she is talking about.

I wanted to let you and your readers know that as of tonight, the Nampa Target has the smaller bottles of Gillette bodywash + shampoo that are $that you can use the $2 coupon on.

I called the Target customer service phone number today and had them look it up by the UPC numbers I had, and they were able to tell me that the Milwaukee Target and the NW Boise (Eagle/Chinden) Target did not have them in stock but the Nampa Target did.  Once I got to the NampaTarget and wandered around without finding them, I checked at customer service, they looked up the UPC # I gave them and found that they should be on aisle A28 on an endcap/sidecap, but that if I didn’t see any then to ask someone to go get me some from the box because it showed there were plenty in the back.  So, there weren’t any on the aisle, so a nice employee took my UPC and headed to the back and came back with 10 bottles for me plus more to put out for sale.  He then found in the back this wire display that he called a “sidecap” that was supposed to be on the aisle full of bottles.  He was setting it up as I left tonight (around 7:00 pm). 

Turns out his wife is a new couponer too but he didn’t know about this deal. I gave him 3 of my coupons for his help so he too could score some free bottles! 

I love shopping at that Target.  They are so helpful and coupon friendly. 

Thanks for the heads up a while back on this free bodywash!


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