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It’s Tax season again, and to let you in on what we do when it comes to claiming and filing tax’s. Well Matt has always claimed 0 on his W-2’s. Some ask why give it to the government? Well he looks at it like a Savings account, that he can’t touch till spring. Granted he doesn’t collect interest on it, although that would be nice, but one thing is for sure we get a lot back in the spring! With 3 kids, a mortgage, charity donations to church, and medical write offs, we get a ton back this year! That’s just an example of what we do to save money. Now we could claim more and pay less in tax’s through the year, but you know and I know that the little bit more we would get back every check would vanish like all the other money does. So personally we would rather have a big paycheck in the spring, rather then try and manage the little bit more we get back. Even risk spending it through the year on an impulse buy.
So to help others out to save money we found some tax filing deals and budgeting programs at a discounted rate for our readers.

Quick Tax free to try, and starts at $14.95

QuickTax, Try it for FREE!

To plan our budget out we have been using Quicken for the last 2 years. We really like it because it shows everything. Click the logo below to save up to 50% off your purchase, with Free Shipping included:

Quicken Promo - 120x60 Button

Need a tax extension:

FileLater online income tax extensions

(Not responsible for your own free will in your own budgeting and tax liabilities, please don’t strictly rely on what we do to make your decisions. Do your research and know what financial routes fits your own family and needs)

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