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Walmart is looking for help to see how to better serve you while using coupons…you can take a short survey here.  It will take about 30 seconds to fill out.

I am asked ALL the time why I do not shop at Walmart much , being that they seem to have some of the lowest prices.  Well it is true they do have good prices of lots of things, but no store has the lowest price on all items.  If you do not shop sales or match coupons with promos then they may be your place to shop.

But I have found I can get just of good of deals or WAY BETTER deals at any stores if I try.

I could spend hours telling WHY I do not shop at some stores, but instead I try to focus on the good I find and spend my time promoting the stores I enjoy shopping at.  I am not paid or compensated in anyway (sure would be nice if I was…lol) it is just my honest opinion that I truly LOVE my local Walgreens and Albertsons store.  They treat me with respect, greet me with a smile and  by name, try their hardest to have the hot promos in stock.  The number one reason is because they do not treat me or act like I am a second class citizen for using coupons.

That being said I know not all stores are the samemanagement has a HUGE role in a stores attitude towards coupon shoppers. So if your local Albertsons, Rite Aid, Walgreens etc….is not coupon friendly then don’t shop there. You have the freedom and power to spend your money where you want (remember coupons are reimbursed and is just like cash) .  I would never look down or discourage a mom who is trying to feed her family from shopping anywhere, that is not my place.

I know many of you have had great luck shopping at Walmart, and really enjoy it.  So the questions is brought up again, why don’t I shop there?  It really boils down to It does not matter how good of deal I get,  If leave feeling defeated, upset and put through the wringer just to save a dollar or two. And I am told something different by every cashier, and by every manager … that is why I will choose to shop else where most the time.

Just like I say in my bio, being thrifty is a necessity for my family but  also has become a joy!

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