The camouflage bags

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I have told you before my favorite place to be is at home surrounded with my family. So leaving on a trip even a short trip, tugs at my heart a bit. Sure the break is nice on one level but I will miss tucking my little ones into bed, hearing their sweet little prayers and 4 pair of sweet little arms around my neck for hugs goodnight.

When Matt and I left for the Green Giant Trip this week we had an early morning flight. We made it thru security and found a seat while waiting for our flight to arrive. Missing my own kids a little, I found myself watching the two young families sitting next to me. Both with a young baby just a few months old. Daddies holding their little ones with pride, making them laugh, hugging and kissing their sweet chubby cheeks. Wives snuggled up close and snapping photos. There seemed to be a unspoken worry…. being that I don’t travel much I just assumed it was the same jitters I get when I travel.

As the terminal filled I started to notice several camouflage bags stashed under chairs.  All were dressed in everyday clothing but the bags were a tale-tale sign that they were in military service. One young man sat down next to us and Matt shook his hand and thanked him for serving our country. As the conversation went on I found out these brave young men and women were shipping off for a 6 month tour in Afghanistan. All the pieces of the puzzle where now starting to come together, these families would not be flying together. Instead they would be saying farewell at the gate.

Soon it was time for them to board their plane.  Trying to smile and be strong  I watched these young mothers wrap their arms around their husbands. Then all at once the tears came streaming down their face, as they clung to every last second they had.  By this time it was all I could do to keep it together myself, my own eyes filled with tears.  A huge lump in my throat, as I found myself saying a silent prayer that the Lord will keep these men and women safe as they fight for my freedom.  Then the moment came the final kiss and these brave young soldiers turned to board the plane.  Only once their sweethearts where out of sight, did I see them quietly brush back a tear.

So to all of you who serve our country or have loved ones in harms way.  Please know how grateful we are for you. I often pray for the men and women who serve our country, but now when praying for them I will have these faces in my mind!

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