The Pioneer Woman and The Budget Fashionista at Blogher

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Well it only took me an hour to figure out where in heck I was suppose to be…… This place is huge!  Remember I use to direction that sound like ” go three miles, pass the big red barn, and turn right at the corn field”.  This morning it was  “go to the lobby, turn right at starbucks, down the escalators, threw the parking garage, in to the conference center, registration, thru the lobby up the escalators, hang a right….. you get the point” Ummmm ya I got just a little lost…. but I finally found it.

This morning I was in a class with The Pioneer Woman and The Budget Fashonista …. it has been a great morning.  Not only do they have great tips, but they are a hilarious as well!

Do any of you recognize these wonderful ladies sitting next to me?  Yip spending the day with Fabulessy Frugal Gals.

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