There are 7 double coupons to use this week!!!!

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Thanks to Coupon Gossip for passing this great info along,

The Nampa Albertons on 12th has these inserts / ads behind the counter. I would assume the other Albs are probably doing the same. You just need to ask for them.

There was a one page insert in the ID Statesman only on 7/26 — there were 2 doublers good through 8/4.

The Wed. Albs ad on 7/29 had 3 doublers good through 8/4.

Today (8/2) the Albs insert has 2 doublers good through 8/8.

The barcodes are different for each “set” of doublers Albs published. This means the computer WILL allow them all in one transaction. I was able to do just that this morning! Whoot!

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