Thrifty Christmas Idea….Paper Dolls

If you have a crafty little one, this is a fun Christmas gift idea.  I loved playing with paper dolls when I was little.  It was a great way for me to use my imagination, and work on my scissor skills as well.  I saw this posted on Moms by Heart and thought it was a great idea to pass along!

Treat your favorite little girl to a Paper Doll kit! You’ll need:
-folder or decorative box for storage
-child scissors to include in the kit
-an assortment of paper dolls printed on card stock.

Here are some links to printable paper dolls:
Craftzine – Betsy McCall 1951-1960
Families Online Magazine (PDF)
Goth Scouts
Origami Bears – tons!

Don’t forget the boys on your list – check these out:

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