Thrifty Christmas tip of the day


Each day we will be posting A Thrifty Christmas Tip, from our readers. At the end of the month, one of you will win a $100.00  Gift Card. For all the details click here. Keep those thrifty tips coming!!!

Thanks to Dana for todays thrifty tip

I had lots of free soap from the Smith’s coupon roundups this summer, so this makes for a very Thrifty Christmas gift idea. This also makes for a great personalized Christmas gift for any family. I made the one pictured for my mom :0)
First, you have to remove the sticker labels on the front and the back of the soap (Goo Gone works great!). Then you create the saying and print it out on regular copy paper to make sure you get the right sizing. Cut it out and hold it against the bottle to make sure it will fit. Once you’ve got the right size, print it on transparency paper ($9.44 for 50 sheets @ You must have a laser printer (ink jets will smear!) and set the printing preference type of paper to transparency. If you don’t have a laser printer or don’t want to buy a huge box of transparency paper, you can take your copy paper to Staples (or others similar stores) with the saying(s) on it and they can print it for you. I believe each B/W copy on transparency @ Staples is $1.00. I could fit 6 on one page. So no matter how you do it…print & cut. Roll it up in a scroll and put it in the soap. Use the pump stem to position it in the bottle. Add some cute ribbon/twine/etc. and VOILA, you’re done!