Thrifty meal ideas- What to do with left overs?

How to make 1 meal stretch into 2 meals.
My family is not very good at eating left overs, so I try to make them into a new meal, that they will enjoy. ?That way we don’t waste food. ?When I make Spaghetti we tend to always have left over sauce and meatballs. ?SO we started making them into grilled meatball subs.

Open the bun and butter the inside of the bread, We have found by grilling the “inside” of the bun it works better. ?But it looks a little “backwards” at first.
When ever we have left over buns we wrap them up and toss them in the freezer. ?They work great for grilled subs.

On the “out side” of the bun line up the meatballs, sauce and cheese. ?If the meatballs at really big I go ahead and cut them in half before I put them on. ?But if you like a lot of meat you might keep them whole. ?If you warm them before you put them on, it helps them cook better.

Put it on the grill ( inside of the bun, facing the grill), close the lid. ?Depending on you grill it will take, 3-6 mins to cook. ?Since both the top and bottom of the grill are hot there is no need to flip them.
Cut them in half and serve along with your favorite side. ?This is a great way to make 1 meal stretch into 2 meals, for those picky eaters. ?If you don’t have the buns right at home, just put the meatballs in the freezer, they freeze really well.