Thrifty Tuesday deals

??Tuesday is .88 cents day at Honks, Ok I will admit I am a fan of the dollar store. ?The great thing about the dollar store they get items that have been discontinued or, are liquidated for quick sale. ?You never know what you are going to find. ?For example my son LOVES the Wiggles he has been a huge fan for 6 years now. ?You can buy their items at ToysRus ?but a coloring book will cost $5, and a hard cover book is $12. ? Well guess what I found at My local Honks right before Christmas….Wiggles books, toys, stickers. ?I was there on a Tuesday so I got over $100 in wiggles items for $8.88. ?We wrapped them up and gave them to him for Christmas, and he was thrilled!
I come across fun deals like this a lot at the dollar store, It’s like a treasure hunt you never know what you are going to find!

Sonic on Tuesdays does half price Sonic burgers starting at 5pm
There burgers are huge, and at half off that’s a THRIFTY price.

Half price Happy meal night Tuesdays, from 5-7pm Limit 4 per order.
If we get these we get the kids nuggets, Apple dippers and Chocolate Milk. They normally just eat the nuggets, because they are so excited about the toy. ?I then feed them the apples and milk the next day for lunch. ?That way no food is wasted.

Each area is different so check you local stores to see if they participate.

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