Thrifty vacationing tips at Sesame Place in the North East – part 2

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resized_sesame_6Becky, one of our readers who also writes for the in Rochester NY, has a three part series on thrifty vacationing tips! Here is just a short part of part two:

“Deciding to take a family vacation can be an expensive ordeal when you factor in hotel, meals, tickets etc. However, there are many things that one can do to keep things in control and within a budget! This series – Sesame Place on a Budget – will discuss how your family can visit Sesame Place while being budget conscious. Part 1 talks about how to save on tickets and hotels. Part 2 will talk about what food to save on and what food to splurge on! Lastly, Part 3 will talk about saving on parking, lockers, and souvenirs!

Planning ahead for meals is another huge money saver when going on vacation, and Sesame Place is no exception! Food in the park is typical of amusement parks and the prices can be expensive (especially when you have a family of four or more!). In order to stretch your budget for meals, our family took a save, save, save, splurge mentality with regards to breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner!

Let’s discuss the splurge first so you understand why to be frugal on the other meals! We decided that dinner would be our splurge meal (or at least not our most frugal meal of the day). One idea that I would highly recommend is the character dinner! This is a splurge, but a very nice treat especially if you have been frugal in the other areas! The character dinner is worth the extra money that you pay. You book the dinner in advance, and you can save a few dollars per person if you book through AAA. The reasons that I think the character dinner are worth the big price are: 1. “Dine with Big Bird” is air conditioned which is extremely nice after a hot day in the park. 2. It is all you can eat and very good buffet food. 3. It is a contained, safe area with the doors closed (so no little escapees!). 4. It is very easy to get pictures with all of the characters and not long lines to stand in. 5. Fun, fun, fun, – performances and opportunities for kids to dance with characters – a wonderful family event and your kids will love every minute of it!”

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