Tillamook a beautiful place that makes delicious cheese #PicnicPic

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We just got back from our vacation/ family reunion to the Oregon Coast.  We loaded everyone up and made the 12 hour drive to enjoy the beautiful ocean!  We went for the first time about 8 years ago, fell in love with the location and have tried to go back every few years.   On our way home we always drive thru the town of Tillamook  and stop at the Tillamook Cheese factory.

It really should be called the Tillamook Cheese Adventure Land  (or something fun)…. because you could spend a few hours inside with all the fun stuff going on. People come from all over, this is one busy place!   They have educational videos, hands on learning, observation windows (so you can see how they make cheese), photo stations, sampling, gift shop, restaurant, ice cream shop, candy/ fudge shop…. and more.

My personal favorite is the cheese curds, also known as squeaky cheese.  It is the cheese that has not been pressed into a brick yet. It is super fresh and squeaks when you eat it. We stock up every time we go since we can not buy it locally.  You can sample many of the cheese selections… but they also have Tillamook cheese in just about every size and flavor you can think of.

The gift shop has all kinds of fun stuff to show that you are a Tillamook Cheese fan!  My 4 year old wanted her picture taken in front of the baby loaf shirts as she sang her  “I’m a little tea pot song.”

If you like Ice Cream then Tillamook will make you smile.  They offer a huge selection of flavors.  This cold, smooth, creamy treat can be purchased in a carton or by the scoop!

Before you leave make sure you get your photo taken in the Baby Loaf Tour Bus!

So last but not least… how do I enjoy  Tillamook Cheese?  We snack on Cheese Curds the whole ride home, so every time I think of Tillamook Cheese Curds I think of great family memories!  But when at home my favorite Tillamook Cheese is the Pepper Jack, I like to cut a few slices and enjoy it along side a tart green apple.  It is a great healthy snack that satisfies my craving!

I wrote this post as an entry to the Tillamook Picnic Photo Contest.

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