Today and Tomorrow Last Days – I Made $5.60 on 80% off deal!

Today and Tomorrow last day to take advantage of the / Ebates Offer

Some have asked if they have to subscribe to something, or if this is a trial. Answer: No trial to sign up for, no subscriptions just a great deal.

You can click on the “Now Save 80%….” link below to go straight to and purchase the gift certificate… or if you would like you can sign up to Ebates to get an additional $5 bucks, with an extra 15% back as cash to your Ebates account.

You can do both or just the restaurant deal. Either way this has no subscriptions, and no do this to do that type gimmick. This is a no strings attached deal. How cool!

Ok so I know I have posted the deal to get 80% off when you buy a $25 gift certificate for only $2.
Now Save 80% Off with every order of $25 Gift Certificates. Use code DINE and pay $2 thru 2/28/09.

But if you register through Ebates, click here:

Not only do you get $5 bucks for signing up , but you get 15% cash back into your Ebates account. Which they will add to your paypal account as a “Big Fat Check”
Example: I bought 2 gift certificates worth $50 for 2 of my favorite restaurants, I only spent $4 bucks.
but since I signed up with Ebates I made $5 bucks for signing up. And I made .60 cents for buying through Ebates, and entering the coupon code: Dine

I became my own “ATM” (A Thrifty Mom) and made $5.60 for buying $50 in restaurant gift certificates!

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