Top 5 Holiday Gifts for the Woman Who Loves Her Hair

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Top 5 Holiday Gifts for the Woman Who Loves Her Hair

The holidays are rapidly approaching and it is time to start thinking gifts. Here are our Top 5 Holiday Gifts for the Woman Who Loves Her Hair. Your mom, sister, aunt, friend, teacher, there is something for any woman in your life.

  1. Best Quick Way to Eliminate Frizz


The Le Vite Straightening Brush  is a must-have frizz-fighter. 

It’s changed the styling game by getting rid of frizz with just 1 pass. It’s super easy to use (just brush your hair like normal) and because it uses indirect heat, it’s safe enough for even the little ones in the family.

Le Vite has ceramic bristles that heat up strands from the inside. So what, you say? This preserve hair’s moisture for major shine.

Works on all types of hair – straight, wavy, curled, even coiled!

  1. Best Value-Packed Gift Set: 

What’s better than a bundle of best-selling hair products? The L’ange Best Sellers bundle! . It’s the absolute best gift set for the woman who has little to no time (which is everyone!) for keeping hair in tip-top shape. 

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Root Booster refreshes roots and adds lush fullness so hair is oh-so-soft and touchable.
  • Clear Dry Shampoo Clear dry shampoo! What else is there to say?!
  • Rival Heat Shield  – Don’t even think about heat styling without protection! Spray this on hair before styling with hair dryers, curling wands, or flat irons. 

  1. Best Premium Curling Wand (Minus the Markup)


Easily curl hair into lush, long-lasting waves with the Titanium Ondulé, premium curling wand. 

The pure titanium barrel makes it ideal if your hair is thicker or harder to curl, and you can choose between two width sizes: 

  • 1 in. (25mm) for bouncy bombshell volume
  • 1.25 in. (32mm) for loose, relaxed beachy waves 

The titanium Ondulé is the modern, affordable way to achieve an effortless chic look.

  1. Best Styling Tool for Any Styling Mood: 

If you know someone who likes to change up their look on the daily… then the Aplatir will help take their creativity to another level. 

This efficient flat iron glides through hair without snagging or pulling. This means fewer passes to get the sleek, straight look anyone desires. Its rounded edges and compact design also make it a breeze to create soft flowing waves. 

  1. Hair Care For JUST $9:

Score major savings (UP TO 80% OFF!) with the L’ange Holiday Blowout sale! 
You’ll even get some of the best hair care products (that are amazing!) for as low as $9 !!!