Tressemme Only $0.38 With New High Value Coupon!!! (Stock Up!!)


If you are a fan of Tressemme, now is the time to print this coupon (& hit your friends up to print it for you).

You can get it for an awesome price at Walmart.

Stock up on as many as you are able to while you have the chance!

Tressemme shampoo or conditioner – $2.48 (Walmart)

Tip:  Look for sales at the drug stores to go along with this coupon.  You can always price match at Walmart if your store is out of stock.

$2.00 off any TRESemme Product


  1. Don’t I wish. Went to Walmart yesterday with the $2 coupon. None of their products were ender $3.49.

  2. My walmart is 3.48 for the smaller size. My family uses this brand, so $1.48 is still a good deal to me!

  3. Mirta M. Machuca. I didn’t read the details, but here’s a deal on tresemme.

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