Tupperware MODULAR MATES Sale up to 40% off – 4 days only

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Once a year they put Modular Mates on sale… but you only have few days to grab them!

Order on our  –> ONLINE PARTY  to be entered into the giveaway for a chance to win FREE Tupperware! HURRY sale ends 01/27/ so you only have 4 days to grab these deals!


Want a chance to earn some FREE Tuperware products??? We are doing an A Thrifty Mom Online Tupperware party, and if you place your order thru the party link…. we are going to give away  part of the hostess rewards!  So if you place an order you might just be the lucky winner.

To find these Christmas deals.  First go to Sarah’s Tupperware page and join the Sarah’s online party.   The homepage will rotate thru some pictures. But it is easiest to just click on SHOP, then a drop down menu will pull and and scroll down to SALE.  It will take you to a new page,  you should see all the sale items listed there.  You can also type in MODULAR MATES into the search bar to just pull up those items.

ANYONE who places and order will be entered into our giveaway for FREE Tupperware products  and part of the hostess rewards giveaway!

This post contains my referral links to my Tupperware page.


  1. I personally LOVE the Oval #5 it is tall enough to fit full size uncooked spaghetti, and holds 8-9 packages of it!

  2. I ordered a couple of days ago, and it’s already on its way. Love Tupperware.

  3. I have not had new Tupper ware in years. I can’t afford it. Would like some.

  4. I get Tupperware at second hand and flea market with cracked kids and stuff and you can get it replaced. If they don’t have that pieced anymore they send you what they have close to it. Tupperware is great on their stuff that is lifetime

  5. Every time I see an orange peeler at a garage sale or other trinkets, I snatched them ip!!!

  6. A Thrifty Mom it honestly is! Message me anytime I will try to help the best I can. I’ve done tons of replacements I can help you with that too.

  7. A Thrifty Mom great idea! I’ve been selling for 2 years excellent products.

  8. I am so confused and cannot figure out I wanted to get the one you have the brown sugar and the flower in and the pasta in which one are those call thank you

  9. JUST signed up… have been promoting it for a year. Finally figured I would sign up myself

  10. I could just see either you or the kids with a huge ness on your hands soon. Lol

  11. Anyone’s lifetime you don’t need a receipt or anything just the piece. It last a lifetime.

  12. I stored sugar in Idaho while I was in Minnesota for 8 1/2 years and ti was still good and not clumply.

  13. I’ve always wondered why a blogger didn’t sell or at least do a Tupperware party! Such a great idea.

  14. I scored a round spaghetti container at goodwill for a buck. I LOVE tupperware.

  15. My mom had all the ugly yellow, orange and green colors back in the days. Luckily they have nicer colors now

  16. You can try putting news paper in close lid up and that should take the smell away FYI

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