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You know how excited I get about a good Tupperware Sale!

thatsa-bowl-8-pc-set-tupperware-sale-coupon-or-discount-on-tupperware-productsThatsa Bowl 8-Pc Set – $90.00 (was $186.00) sale ends 10/28

Order on our ONLINE PARTY  to be entered into the giveaway for a chance to win FREE Tupperware!

No joke these are one of  my most FAVORITE  kitchen items ever!  They will literally last you a life time, I love Tuperware! This set might seem like a lot to spend on bowls but when they are half off  which is a steal of a deal. 8 bowls makes them only  $11.25  each or with a bowl and a lid only $5.63 an item!  I bought this set last year and split it with my sister in law, so we each got a set of 4 bowls… made it only $45 a set (because this set of 8 bowls comes with 2 sets of each bowl). If you remember we listed a blue bowl set this spring, it was a bit less than this. That is because the bowls were a bit smaller than these, this set is the largest set they make.



You can also add the Thatsa Mini Bowls (set of 2) and Thatsa Extra Mini Bowls on to your order they are also on sale. They match the set above just the smaller bowls. TO find them go to the party and then just type in the product name into the search bar, or click the sale tab.

The big one is HUGE perfect for popcorn, or big family gatherings!   HURRY this sale is only good till 10/28.

Want a chance to earn some FREE Tuperware products??? We are doing an A Thrifty Mom Online Tupperware party, and if you place your order thru the party link…. we are going to give away the hostess rewards!  So if you place an order you might just be on of the lucky winners.

To find the Thatsa Bowl 8-pc Set  First go to Erins Tupperware page and join the online party.   The homepage will rotate thru some pictures. Look for the image above of the blue bowls…. click the pink ON SALE link. It will take you to a new page, scroll down to the bottom and you should find the Thatsa Bowl 8-pc Set. ANYONE who places and order will be entered into our giveaway for FREE Tupperare products and hostess rewards giveaway!

Prep delicious treats to make cooking extra special. With built-in thumb handles and easy-to-remove liquid-tight seals, our Thatsa® Bowls are must-haves for your kitchen.


Stack the savings with this incredible offer in exclusive Electric Pink!

  • Includes two each 12-cup.2.8 L Thatsa® Bowls, 19-cup/4.5 L Thatsa® Medium Bowls, 32-cup/7.6 L Thatsa® Bowls and 42-cup/10 L Thatsa® Mega Bowls with seals.
    In Electric Pink with Snow White seals.
    Dishwasher safe.
    Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Want to have your own Tupperware party and earn FREE products, feel free to contact Erin and book your very own Tupperware party! Booking a party will also give you an entry into our Tupperware giveaway!

This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own!


  1. When will you do the hostess rewards live!? I don’t want to miss lol

  2. I love tupperware! I have some really old pieces from my mother in law, she gave me a bunch when i first moved in with my hubby, cause we needed everything then lol I still keep hinting to her about her xtra large yellow bowl w/lid!!! I want that tupperware bowl sooo bad!!! Its HUGE! Ive never seen a bowl that big before, Ever!!! LoL! Its beyond perfect for making salads for parties/picnics! She always made her macaroni salad in it for my kids birthday parties…. but now she is ill and isnt able to get around her kitchen to make anything, she doesnt get around at all anymore. My kids r older now anyways so no more big B-Day parties these days, she would b able to come to them even if we did… But I still make all kinds of salads, and bring them some when I do… So i dunno why she just cant let me have the bowl, even if its just to borrow for awhile, during the summer when im always making macaroni, potato, and pasta salads all the time! LoL Crazy women!!!

  3. You can go on Tupperware.com or find a consultant to place the order for u. Friday is the last day for this great deal. I’m a consultantU0001f603

  4. Just purchased them, I talked my daughter into splitting it with me. 🙂

  5. Its 90 and cost me a total of 110 adding tax and shipping U0001f60a

  6. They ship PER person so you should get them in about 10 days give or take Erin Brothers might be able to give you a better idea on the shipping time she is the Tupperware lady 😉

  7. I ordered these a few days ago 🙂 will they ship soon or are we waiting on a party order before shipping!?

  8. Will this be sent in as a group order or is it finalized once i paid?! I have conf. Email but didnt know if it would ship until party ended :):)

  9. Jenna Rose Viorato anyone who places an order gets put in a drawing, we pick a winner live and they will get part of the hostess rewards

  10. Lisa Abigana Romero I would as long as I did not have to give birth to them all lol

  11. I wish my tupperware lady would actually answer me about my lids I need replaced.

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