Turn normal coupons into Money maker coupons

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Turn normal coupons into MONEY MAKER COUPONS!

Have you heard of the new program that Coupons.com has come out with? Their Savings Club has special deals and hot higher value coupons just for the members. An example from a recent Rite Aid matchup is that there was a $2.00 off coupon on Coupons.com (normal website) that you can get the Renu contact solution for Free… BUT by joining the Savings Club (right now free) you can turn this normal freebie deal into a Money Maker deal. The best part is normally to get money makers you need to have a doublers or twice the value type program going on, with Savings Club it is just their Higher Value Coupons.

BUT this can only be done by joining the Savings Club!

Join Savings Club now before they stop the free one year subscription

Normal cost is $30 per year. With money maker coupons like this it will pay for its self! And yes I joined my self, entered my credit card, and no charges were made. I know I can cancel at any time, but I couldn’t miss out on a freebie for a year!

Join for Free Now before the year membership program stops –> Savings Club


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