Vons / Safeway deals thru 9/22

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Vons/ Safeway deals thru 9/22 brought to you by Save at Home Mommy

72 Hour Sale

Oscar Mayer Meat Wieners- .99 each, limit 4

Gatorade or Lipton Tea, 8 or 12 packs bottles- 3.99 each, limit 4 of each brand

Large Hass Avocados- .79 each

Signature Cafe 8 pc. fried dark meat chicken- 4.99 each

Best Meat Deals

Foster Farms Chicken Sale:

Whole Chicken Fryer- .77/lb

Chicken Split Broiler- 1.27/lb

Whole Cut Up Chicken- 1.47/lb

Fresh 80% Lean Ground Beef- 1.27/lb- STOCK UP FOR SURE!

Foster Farms Breaded Chicken Selections- BOGO FREE at $9.99 each

Best Produce Deals

Red, Green or Black Seedless Grapes– .79/lb

Fresh Express Salad Blends– 1.99/lb

Sweet Naval Oranges– .88/lb

Sweet White Corn– 4/$2- not great but not horrible for this time of year either

Eating Right Baby Carrots, 2 lb bag- 1.99 each

Use 1.00 off Vons coupon from link above

Final Price= .99 each, Thanks Charlene!

Other Great Grocery Deals

Tree Top Apple Juice- 2/$4.00

Use 1.00/2 HERE

Final Price= 2/$3.00 or 1.50 each

It says select varieties so if Tree Top Trim is included, use $1.00 off from 9/13 SS

Final Price= 2/$2.00 or 1.00 each

Lucerne Shredded or Chunk Cheese, 32 oz- 5.99 each (you can do better at WinCo if you have one)

Pepsi or 7 Up 12 packs- Buy 2 Get 3 FREE at $5.99 each

Final Price= 5/$12.00

Cleaning Products BOGO FREE Mix and Match over 100 items, valid 9/16-9/29

I am sure there will be some great scenarios to come from this one once we see what all is included.  Post a comment below if you find a good deal to go along with this.

Cereal and Snacks Promo

Buy any 4 and save $4 PLUS get a coupon for a FREE box of Capri Sun on your next visit! Items are 4/$6 and include Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, Honey Grahams, Cocoa Puffs, Chex, Nature Valley Granola Bars, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks and more reported in store.  Use any of the following coupons for possible sale items:


Cellfire- .50 off Betty Crocker Fruit snacks, .40 off Nature Valley Granola Bars, .40 off Fiber One bars, .75 off Cocoa Puffs, .40 off Betty Crocker Fruit Flavors

Shortcuts.com .60 off Chex Mix Bars, .55 off Trix, .55 off Capri Sun( I went ahead and added this just in case it would come off when I purchase my free one with my coupon from this deal.), .40 off Fiber One bars, .75 off Cocoa Puffs, .50 off 2 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, .40 off Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, 1.00 off Nature Valley Nut Clusters, .40 off Nature Valley Granola Bars

Printable Coupons


.55 off Trix, .40 off Nature Valley Granola Bars, .50 off 2 select Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, .40 off Betty Crocker Fruit Flavors, .60 off Chex Mix bars, .75 off Cocoa Puffs, .55 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and 1.00 off Nature Valley Nut Clusters


1.00 off Cocoa Puffs, 1.00 off Nature Valley Nut Clusters, 1.00 off 2 Betty Crocker Fruit Flavors, 1.00 off 2 Nature Valley Trail Mix bars, 1.00 off 2 Betty Crocker fruit snacks, 1.00 off 2 Chex Mix Bars

Other Coupons

1.00 off Nature Valley nut clusters or .40 off Nature Valley Granola Bars from 9/13 GM insert

1.00 off 3 GM cereals from 8/9 or 9/13 SS

1.00/2 cereal from August All You

A few scenarios:

Buy 4 Nature Valley Nut Clusters=$6.00

Use 1.00 off shortcuts.com coupon and

Use (4) 1.00 off coupons from sources above

Final Price= 1.00 and get a FREE Capri Sun coupon!

(There were $1.60 off printable coupons out earlier this week that I told you about.  If you printed them, you could get them all for FREE!)

***UPDATE-I just went to Vons and here is how it rang up:

4 Nut Clusters- took off .40 Nature Valley bars cellfire coupon and .40 off bars AND 1.00 off nut clusters shortcuts.com coupons!

I used (2) 1.60 off printables previously available and (2) 1.00 off from 9/13 SS

It took off the $4.00 for the promo and all told, they owed me $1.00.  I got some bananas to cover the $1.00 overage.  I DID NOT however, get the coupon for the Capri Sun.  I will have to go back and check on that but I had my girls with me and didnt realize in enough time.

Buy 4 Fruit Flavored Fruit Snacks= $6.00

Use .40 off Cellfire coupon and .40 off shortcuts.com coupon AND

Use (2) 1.00 / 2 from BettyCrocker.com

Final Price= 3.20 + FREE Capri Sun coupon

Buy 4 boxes Cocoa Puffs= $6.00

Use .75 off cellfire coupon and .75 off shortcuts.com coupon AND
Use (2) .75 off coupons.com coupon AND
Use (2) 1.00 off from Betty Crocker.com

Final Price= 1.00 + FREE Capri Sun coupon!

Let me know in the comments section if there are any more good coupons or scenarios I missed!

Campbells and Pepperidge Farm Labels for Education promo:

100 bonus points certificate at checkout when you buy any 5 participating products listed in the ad including the following 2 deals:

Campbells Condensed Soup, chicken noodle or tomato- 2/$1

Use 1.00/2 HERE or

Use .40 off 4 from 9/13 GM insert

Final Price= 2 for FREE

V8 V Fusion- 2.99

Use 1.00 off HERE

Final Price= 1.99

Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Lunchmeat- 2/$6

Load $1.00 off shortcuts.com coupon

Final Price= 2/$5.00

Oscar Mayer sliced Bacon- 2/$6.00

Use 1.50/2 from 8/30 SS

Final Price= 2/4.50 or 2.25 each

Safeway Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns, 8 ct- .89 each

California Pizza Kitchen Promo

Buy 4 Save $4 in a single transaction

Thin Crust and Rising Crust Pizzas- 3.99 after promo, Pizza for One and Flatbread Melts- 2.50 after promo

Lucerne Milk, gallon- 2.19 each when you buy 2

Dannon Yogurt Cups- .50 each when you buy 10

Use 1.00 off 10 from 9/13 SS

Final Price= 10/4.00 or .40 each

Tropicana Pure Premium- 2/$6.00

Use 1.00 off Trop50 from 9/13 RP or HERE

Final Price= 2.00 each

Green Giant Steamers- 2/$4

Use .55 off HERE or

Use .50 off from 9/13 SS or HERE AND

Use .50 off shortcuts.com coupon

There is also a .50 off cellfire coupon that might work

Final Price if all apply= 2/1.90 or .95 each!

InAd Coupons

Charmin Toilet Paper, 12 big rolls or Bounty Paper Towels, 6 or 8 rolls- 5.99 each, limit 4

Use 1.00 off 2 Charmin from 8/30 P&G or

Use 1.00 off home mailer coupon AND

load 1.00 off Charmin P&G esaver coupon

Final Price= as low as 3.99 for Charmin or

Load .25 off Bounty from P&G esaver AND

Use 1.00 off from 8/30 RP or P&G

Final Price=4.75 for Bounty

Tide Laundry Detergent or Stain Release- 10.99, limit 1

Use 1.00 off detergent from 8/16 RP or

Use 1.50 off stain release from 8/16 RP or

Use 1.50 off stain release HERE AND

Load .35 off detergent or .50 off stain release from P&G esaver

Final Price= as low as 9.00 for stain release and 9.65 for detergent

Safeway Dish Detergent- 1.49 with coupon, limit 1

Duracell Coppertop Batteries- 5.99- 1.00 off with in ad coupon

Load 1.00 off from P&G esaver AND

Use 1.00 off from 8/30 P&G

Final Price= 2.99

Nabisco Chips A Hoy or Ritz Crackers- BOGO FREE at 4.29

Buy 2 Ritz crackers and Use (2) Buy Ritz get Crackerfuls FREE from 8/23 SS AND

Use .75 off 2 from 8/23 SS

Final Price= $3.55 for all 4

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