Walgreens Diaper order came in!

7 packs of diapers 4 packs of wipes
for $15.75 

I knew I would miss out on diaper sale at Walgreens, So I placed an order at the beginning of the week.  My order came in today!  I was able to get 7 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes, to see the ad match up click here.  On the ad match up you will find the link to print your own coupons, if you missed out on these printalbes.  Here are the details:
Order #1
-3 packs of huggies $10.00 each
-used 3/ 3$ off coupons
Final cost with tax $22.80 ( but then got a $10 register reward for buying $30)
Order #2 
-4 packs of wipes $6.00 each
-1 pack of huggies $10.00 each
-used 4 / $5 coupons on wipes
-used 1/ $3 coupon on huggies
Final price with tax $13.04  ( but then got a $10 register reward for buying $30)
Order #3
– 3 packs of huggies for $10 each
– 3 packs of gum for 3 for 99 cents with in store coupon ( I bought the gum as a filler item, I had 3 items and 3 coupons, but I wanted to pay with 3 register rewards which will count as a manufacture coupon.  Walgreens store policy is they only allow one MFR coupon per item.  So I had 3 register rewards I wanted to pay with, so I grabbed 3 packs of gum to bring my item total up to 6 and my coupon total up to 6 also)
-used 3/ $3 coupons
-used 3 register rewards $8, $4,  and $2
Final price $9.91 with tax ( but then got a $10 register reward for buying $30)

So I paid $45.75 out of pocket but I got back $30 in Register Rewards which I can use to buy other items so it is like paying $15.75.  What a Thrifty deal!!!!

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