We are lucky to have the Idaho Press Tribune


I have received a lot of emails from other blogs asking me how on earth we were able to get Paper companies to sale us multiple Sunday papers for only .60 cents each. It took time, but it was well worth it!  In today’s economy companies are tight, just like everyone else.  They are all looking for ways to cut cost and earn money, and offering discounts is not at the top of anyone’s list.  One of my bloggy friends from Oregon has been desperately trying to get her paper to offer a discounted rate for couponers.  Her paper has not only told her NO but they have been very rude about the whole issue.

When the Statesmen raised their price to $2.00 a Sunday paper I worried that the Idaho Press Tribune would also raise their price, but I was told they do not plan to raise rates any time soon.  They have been able to open up a few new areas for delivery in Boise and with enough calls from you Boise Coupon Gals, they hope to soon deliver to all of Boise!  It took me a long time to find the right person who understood that there was a real need for a ” coupon special rate”  on the paper.  I am SO thankful that the Idaho Press Tribune is willing to help us all out and offer us this ROCK BOTTOM price of .60 cents for a Sunday Papers.

To read the details of how to get the daily paper plus 4 Sunday papers delivered to your door, for only $13.20 a month click here.  Call Greg at 208-870-2784 if you have any questions.  He really is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.  I was so glad to find someone who did no think I was crazy when I asked if I could buy 4 Sunday papers!  If only I had found him a few years ago!

So Thank You Idaho Press Tribune for taking such good care of us, and helping me feed my family for a Thrifty Price!

If you ever have an issue with a missing coupon insert, or missing papers please call the customer service number 208-467-9252 right away and let them know.  They really want to provide the best service, but they can’t fix it if  they do not know what the problem is.

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