Welcome Tiffany to the A Thrifty Mom Team

My blog has given me the  opportunity’s to interact with and meet many wonderful talented people.  The last year  I have been sharing many recipe with you from a great blog called My Crowded Kitchen as part of my Look What I Made weekly post.  I love her  recipes, photos and personal touch she adds to each post.   As I have gotten to know Tiffany, I have come to not only admire her recipes but the amazing mother, wife and person she is.  I am thrilled to let you know she will be joining our A Thrifty Mom team, and sharing some of her talents with us each week.  She will be a wonderful addition ( or at least I think so…wink wink).
From Tiffany…
Hi there! I’m so excited and honored to join A Thrifty Mom team, and I look forward getting to know all of you. I hope to bring excitement & joy into your kitchens on this new adventure here on A Thrifty Mom. My love for cooking came at a very young age, from the time I could read I had a cookbook in my hand. I was truly blessed to have my mother and grandmothers show me all the ropes. I come from a long line of southern hospitality where big food, big company, go hand in hand. I learned young that serving your family with love, and good food, brings a deep satisfaction. This grew as I did and spread beyond my family, friends, neighbors and whoever I could help.

I have worked in the food industry since the age of twelve. My mom was/is a professional cake decorator, I would go to work with her on Saturdays & help out in the store until I was in my later teen age years. I then went on to work for an Italian restaurant until I married my husband, Coach. After Coach and I were married, I dabbled in catering and loved the thrill of feeding so many people, and the crunch and pressure of bringing a meal together at the last minute before it’s served. I get so much joy out of creating, cooking, baking, laughing and sharing recipes. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

A little more about Tiffany:

~Married to her best friend, Coach, for 19 years.
~Is a stay at home mom of five.
~Loves life, laughter, her black&white converse tennies, chocolate, anything lemon, good food and great company.
~Enjoys reading all sorts of cookbooks just for fun, and learning different cooking techniques.
~Loves and collects antiques.
~Tiffany, is the owner of My Crowded Kitchen.com a recipe site where she shares generational family recipes, as well as her own creations & adapted ones.