What did you think of the coupon round up?

IMG_4614I went to the store Monday morning to try out the coupon round up event. Here are the deals I got.  I had two little helper with me so I was not able to stay long but we did get a few thrifty deals.  I wanted to go back without kids but never got time.  I like doubles coupons much better,  and sure hope they come back. But thought the coupons round up was a fun little way to save as well.

Here are the things I did like about it:

  • You can use as many as you want in a transaction (unlike doubles that you have to split up in groups of 3, and go thru check out over and over)
  • They come off automatic… fast and easy, nothing extra to carry or to scan. ( Time is money…and I like anything that saves me time)
  • Makes those low value coupons worth using!

What did you all think?  Love to hear how it went for you.

IMG_4621Maleeya loves to help me carry in my thrifty deals!

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