Where and at what price do you buy chicken?

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raw chicken

Alicia sent me this email,

I do a cooking club with a few friends….we bought Chicken the last time it was on sale…so, it has been in the freezer for 2 months…a 4 pound back from Safeway. Now, usually I like the tenders from Costco at 2.30 per pound, but when Chicken is on sale, I buy some…we bought 6 bags last Cooking Club when on a good sale…so we had some for this club cooking….

I had cut off all the “gross” stuff (I saved and weighed it. It was 20.50 Oz). What a waste of my time. Costco Tenders only have a tiny bit that I throw away and I never get bloody spots in them either. Here are┬ámy calculations:

there is 64oz to a 4 pound bag at 6.76 on sale, making it .105 per oz.

I had a good 43.50 oz to cook, still paying 6.76 for the 4 pounds bag, making this .155 per oz…and then if you calculate it, I paid 9.94 for that bag and 2.48 per pound!

So, moral of the story, buy the good stuff from COSTCO!

So my question for all of you is …Where and at what price do you buy chicken?

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