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Every week I write a post on what coupon inserts will be coming that Sunday.  I make it very clear that these are the inserts that CAN and MAY come, but all areas get different coupons.  Larger cities get more coupons than rural areas.  East Coast will vary some from west coast…..over all most of the coupons are the same, but there are variations in the inserts.

Some states no longer receive the Red Plum…but others still do. So I list it ( for those who will get it).  Last week I had posted about a high value Pert Plus coupon that would have made it  free at Walgreens.  Sadly our area did not get this coupon…. I had a few local  readers that were very upset and felt they had been misguided by my post.  That I should only list the coupons that will be coming to our local paper….not nationwide.

So let me try to explain something.  I get the list that applies nation wide.  I post it because I have readers all across the country, it is helpful to not only Idaho but the other 49 states as well.  It is not possible to confirm what each local paper will get till Sunday morning.  But this list gives us all a good idea of what our area will be getting, and helps us plan for deals.  To be able to post this earlier to “help give people an earlier start” I use the national list. Other wise my coupon list would be on Sundays rather then on the Thursday before. Now this list is NOT the local store matchup list, but we are referring to the coupon list.

Sooo…If we get that coupon great…if not understand that the coupon was distributed to another area.  Hope this helps clear up any questions.

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