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iVillage-Gift-Basket-300x295In our quest to pick the most creative tips for keeping the intimacy in our relationships, we have hit a road block.

So now its your turn to help pick the winner. Listed below are the top 5 post that both Sarah, Matt and the Pregnancy and Parenting site have come up with.

The person with the most votes on this post will win!  Simply right the name of the person on a comment on this post. One vote per person, per comment. Voting Ends Monday 31 at 10pm mtn


#1 Sheena

A creative way I can think of is something I call 30 minute quickies! I know it may sound funny, but hear me out. Sometimes, our love life can become dull and quite frankly boring; but to add some special spice, try my 30 minute “quickies”. Here’s what you do: since most of us have kiddos, first find their favorite t.v. program (NOT a movie, you’ll see why), paired with their favorite snack. Go ahead and let’em have fun; give them ice cream, cookies, cake, or whatever..cause in your mind, you know you are about to have your “favorite snack”. You then turn on their favorite show and give them their snacks and proceed to tell them you and hubby/SO have to go and and have a “snack” together (you know this type of snack is best had with

Now, here comes the fun part, you have 30 minutes to go and get your quickie before the program ends. What’s exciting is that is makes you feel like your racing against time and it allows you and your partner to satisfy the “flesh”. Make it sausy and pick rooms that provide a non-traditional atmosphere, like the laundry room or the closet. Seriosuly, it’ll make you both feel hot & spicy! If you wanna go further, make it a goal to have 30 minute quickies in every room of your home…it’s fun I tell ya.

And besides, how many of us truly “need” more than 30 mintues, LOL…seriosuly…



#2 Jade

have a “tip jar” each on your respective bedside tables. every time he does something extra nice or just whenever you feel like it, leave him a “tip” like a love note or a coupon for a backrub, and vice versa. whenever you’re feeling down or stressed, pick a tip from your own jar and read how much he loves you, or cash in on a day of free dishwashing. you’ll eventually challenge each other to leave more creative or exciting “tips”.


#3 Alycia B

Well I never truly grew up and my husband is like old man So I found what help is finding things to do that we loved when we where Young (like last week we put the are baby to bed and then went outside in hung a bed sheet to the fences lead some blankets on the grass then we pulled the projector outside and played red box movie it felt like we were at a drive in movie)


#4 Anna

We had alot of corn in our garden last year and my husband at the end of the season started pulling out all the dead plants, but with out me knowing he cleared a spot right in the middle of all the corn rows and just big enough for an air mattress. I thought he was just working on his garden, but when we put the kids to bed that night and he took me outside with a flash light he led me to a very romantic and secluded bed made with our favorite double sleeping bag. It was dark enough and we were in the center of all the stalks of corn that we were able to enjoy each other outside, but with out giving anyone a show. It was the most special thing for him to be thinking of me and wanting to make something special for us both. I will never forget it.


#5 pmommyof3

Just discovered a new way to get ourselves In The Mood even as we are so busy with 3 under 3 years old…and we LOVE it!

Buy some CRAYOLA bathtub crayons (crayons work better than the markers) and every time you get in the shower, write your hubby a sexy little note! Then in turn, he can respond…etc.,etc!

Npw we’re both excited to see what new thing’s been written on the shower wall…and often hop out ready to take each other to bed! ; )

Also a great way to just say THANK YOU or I LOVE YOU.

Just don’t forget to shut the shower door if you have guests using your bathroom!!!!!! Ha, ha!

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