Bar Keepers Friend coupon

09/29/2011 2:02 pm · 3 comments

by Ingard

$.55/1 can of Bar Keepers Friend Premium household cleanser (21 oz), no specific zip code.

This is Ingard, I had found this product after I purchased our glass top stove. I had to find a product that would clean the surface and not cost the bank.

I was SUPER excited to see this coupon … so go ahead print this coupon, pick up the product (I have seen it locally at Walmart and also WinCo)

and with what I have planned you will want to be the ONE! (  😉 hint)


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Posted on FB. Can't imagine NOT using Bar Keepers Friend on my copper bottom pans!


The bar keepers coupon is not coming up for me using 83616. Any suggestions?


We got a glass top a few years ago and I have found that windex (when the top is cold) works great! Just thought I would share. :)

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