Bunny Tails ~ Free Printable Label

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Bunny Tails ~ Free Printable Label

Don’t worry, no actual bunnies were harmed for this post~ 😉  I love cotton candy and thought that it would make an adorable bunny tail.  So, of course, I had to include the free printable label so that you can package some up and have a cute little bag topper also!  What a cute, inexpensive treat for an Easter get together, or even to hand out in your kids’ class.

You will need

Sandwich bags

cotton candy



bunny tails ~ Free printable label, #Easter, #bunnytails, #easterbunny, #cottoncandy, #kidscraft, #easycraft, #easytreat, #funsnack,

To download the labels, right click on the image above.  Save it to your computer.  Once you have done that open it up in Picasa (or any photo editing program.  I like Picasa because it is free and easy to use.)  Simply choose “full page” and print.  Easy, right?

Once they are printed you can cut them out.  I used printer paper, but card stock would be a good idea too.

Take a small handful of cotton candy.  The kind you buy pre-bagged at the store works great for this.  It is already squished and when you pull of a handful it looks like a flat, little bunny tail!  Staple the label to the top of your sandwich bag and you are done.

bunny tails ~ free printable label, #bunnytails, #easter, #eastertreats, #cottoncandy, #freelabel, #freeprintable, #thriftycrafts, #funforkids, #kidscrafts, #eastercraft


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